Nursery & Toddlers

Learning opportunities begin at a very early age 

Nursery: Christian faith development begins in infancy. Infants, who experience a strong sense of trust with their parents, or primary caregivers, will have as their faith base an image of God as loving, caring and ever present. Our Infant program appears very informal but much learning is taking place. The gentleness of our caregivers says "We love you and God loves you." Soft soothing music can say "This is a healing place to be." Bright colourful pictures on the walls and in the picture books celebrate the life God has given us and all creation. 

Toddler programming: offers young ones a safe, caring environment that meets individual needs with activities that will enable our toddlers to experience God's love and the wonder of His creation. The room is bright, cheery and conducive to learning.

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