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Advent at Calvin

The Grinch and COVID-19 can't steal the joy this Christmas. Not with God in charge!

Advent, the beginning of the Christian year, is the time for families to share in activities and traditions that help us prepare for the coming of Christ; God with us. Some of us will set aside time to read the scriptures foretelling the coming of our King. Others, kids and adults alike, will build the excitement of the season by marking the days with Advent calendars, making advent wreaths and a myriad of other family traditions. 2020 has presented challenges for many people. Continuing with activities that are familiar will provide comfort in a time of chaos.

This year, Tori Smit, our Synod's Regional Minister for Faith Formation, has prepared an Advent devotional entitled, "On the Way to Bethlehem". It has been written to be used by all ages and references the traditional scriptures. You have the choice to follow the daily scripture readings, or to read a weekly selection of stories from the Spark Story Bible for families with younger children.

There are so many ways to share the gift of Christ with others, but our actions, words and deeds are by far the greatest tools. Love each other and share that love with others. While COVID may limit our ability to share these gifts in person, there are many ways to continue the caring of Jesus this season.

Advent is a time to remember that God gives us the gifts of hope ~ peace ~ joy ~ love ~ and finally the greatest gift, CHRIST.

May God Bless each and every one of you. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Rev. Frances Savill and the Elders of Session

Click the following link for activities suitable for all ages: Advent Activities for the Whole Family


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