The Session of Calvin consists of its minister, who serves as the moderator, and ruling elders.

An elder must be a professing member of the congregation and must be "an example to the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity" (1 Timothy 4:12). The call to ruling elder is supported by a congregational election. Elders are ordained for life, but serve as ruling elders on Session for a six-year term of service (elders can be re-elected).

The current Session is comprised of The Rev. Frances Savill and 10 ruling elders. Session is the ruling body of the church and meets monthly to discuss issues pertaining to the spiritual health of the church.


Rev. Frances Savill

Clerk of Session:

Kim Winrow

Elders of Session

Dan Hartford 
Dennis Laughlin 
Kathryn Newman

Jodie Nychuk 
Dick Oudekerk 
Linda Oudekerk 
Mark Savill 
Ellen Schmidt 
Holly W-Smith 
Kim Winrow 

Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams work within the parameters of Calvin's Ministry Plan.
These volunteers facilitate the work of Calvin within the church, community and world.

Christian Education (contact Kim Winrow)
Communications (contact Mark Savill)
Congregational Care (contact Holly Williams-Smith)
Facilities (contact Nancy Kilgour)
Finance & Stewardship (contact Keith Pacey)
Mission & Outreach (contact Jodie Nychuk)

Personnel (contact Leeann Whitney)
Worship & Music Team (contact Cathy Love)

Click Organizational Structure to expand on the the responsibilities of each of these teams
or contact the Church Office for any additional information 705-474-4750

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